Regional Mid-Week Campaigns
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Yarra Ranges Tourism runs two major campaigns throughout the year to promote mid-week and off-peak travel.

  • Dandenong Ranges (1 February - 31 March)
  • Yarra Valley (1 July - 31 August)

These campaigns are a long term strategic plan by Yarra Ranges Tourism to influence and modify the travel patterns of Melburnians by encouraging overnight visitation in the Yarra Valley outside peak periods.

We are aiming to change the travel habits of Melburnians over the next 5-10 years to promote having a unique, relaxing winter getaway an from Melbourne.

For our partners, this means flattening out the peaks and troughs of visitation throughout the year, leading to more consistent and reliable business.
For visitors, this means they can relax and enjoy the Yarra Valley without the crowds that come with peak periods.

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