Our regional maps are recognised as the official touring guides for the Yarra Valley providing the visitor with a comprehensive overview of things to see and do, as well as places to Eat, Play and Stay. Official touring maps are produced annually and Partners are offered the exclusive opportunity to advertise on these maps.  Reserve your place when registering your Partnership, as there are limited spaces available.


Distribution - in Region

  • Official Visitor Information carousels throughout the Yarra Valley
  • Marysville and Warburton Waterwheel Visitor Centres
  • Conference and event venues
  • Nillumbik Council hubs
  • Accommodation, local attractions and cafes throughout the region
  • Service stations
    Metro Rail stations: Lilydale, Upper Ferntree Gully
  • tour and transport operators

Distribution - Out of Region

  • Melbourne Airport
  • Federation Square and Melbourne Central Visitor Centres
  • Visitor Information Centres throughout Victoria (by request)

    Sample Display Ad

  • Visit Victoria South East Asian offices
  • International and business event trade shows


Release date: Yarra Valley Map December 2018
Print Run: 200,000 printed copies
Map Size: Folded to DL Brochure size
Target Markets: Domestic, local and International visitors