Creating a great Mid-Week Deal or Package
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Creating a great Mid-Week Deal or Package

Last year our results for the Yarra Valley Mid-Week campaign were exponential with over 3.5 million consumers reached with 20,000 click-throughs to Mid-Week deals over a 2 month period. Our visitor website will be able to generate leads and consumer interest, however it is up to our partners to create an engaging deal or package. 

Take a look at this great example by Tramonto Kitchen and Bar

Below are some key points for creating a striking deal or package

      1. Make a competitive deal or package that is only available for a limited time only.
      2. Have a strong and bold title
      3. Make the body copy to your ad as engaging as possible (write a minimum 50 words)
      4. Include an engaging image (images to be a minimum 1800px across)
      5. Make sure that you are tracking web visits and leads from our visit site or over the phone.


If you have any questions give Charles or Brook a call on  (03) 8739 8000

Upload your Mid-Week deal here