Booking Service Terms and Conditions
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Yarra Ranges Tourism, in promoting tourism in the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges, provides a service whereby a visitor can book accommodation, tours, events and attractions. Partners participating in the Regional Booking Service have an obligation to adhere to the following terms and conditions set out in this document.


By agreeing to the below you acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions set out herein shall constitute the agreement (Agreement) between you (Operator) and Yarra Ranges Tourism when the following websites and digital platforms take bookings on your behalf: and
Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page


Agreed Terms:

1. Definitions
In this Agreement:
"Yarra Ranges Tourism Limited" trading as "Yarra Ranges Tourism" promotes tourism in the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges and provides a service whereby a visitor can book accommodation, tours, events and attractions.
"Operator" means, the supplier of tourism Product.
"Visitor" means a member of the public who has placed a booking for the Operator’s Product through, or the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Facebook page.
"Product" means the travel services offered by the Operator.


2. Product
2.1 The Operator will ensure that its Product is provided to the highest possible standards and quality, and that its Product and business comply at all times with all applicable legal requirements, including but not limited to: Certificate of Registration of Business, A Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance for coverage of at least $10 million), All necessary permits including Council approval.
2.2 Yarra Ranges Tourism may attend and inspect the Operator’s premises at a mutually convenient time, to verify that the Operator is complying with clause 2.1. If Yarra Ranges Tourism does so, the Operator should assist and co-operate with the inspection.
2.3 The Operator must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).


3. Information
3.1 The Operator must ensure that it regularly updates information and inventory via their Channel Managers and/or individually via the BookEasy and the Operator agrees that Yarra Ranges Tourism is not liable for any information displayed via, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page for you the Operator.
3.2 Images of rooms, tours, etc., must accurately match the description. For example; an image of surrounding scenery does not reflect a description for a room type. For properties which have multiple cottages listed on the one Booking Service ID, watermarking of photos may be necessary and highly recommended.
3.3 Operators must include detailed information in their terms and conditions including cancellation policy/fees, bond procedure (if applicable), and linen etc.
3.4 The Regional Booking Service must have access to direct telephone communication with the Operator at all times.
3.5 For accommodation operators: If the operator does not reside on the premise, contact details of a local person must be provided. This person needs to be contactable in case of an emergency or issues arising relating to the property.
3.6 All Accommodation Operators who have a Channel Manager are expected to join the Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Service as a fully live-bookable connection in the first instance with the option to utilise the BookEasy application of Fully live-bookable, excluding same day bookings which adapts to an automatic request model. Request bookings which present outside of Australian Eastern Standard general Monday–Friday 9.00am–5.00pm hours requiring confirmation are to be facilitated via the operator directly via their BookEasy console logins. Victorian weekends and public holiday dates are not included as general Monday-Friday hours and will require operator direct confirmations to be facilitated through their BookEasy Operator access.


This applies to all Accommodation and Tour Operators represented via an "on request" status on the, or the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Facebook page
3.7 In the instance where an operator has become a partner of Yarra Ranges Tourism and has not joined the Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Service, referrals can still be made from the Booking Staff and a non-live active BookEasy profile created for the purposes of providing a booking confirmation to the consumer and also as an avenue to forward payment (less agreed commission) to the Operator at the fortnightly Operator Return due date.

3.8 Yarra Ranges Tourism reserves the right to de-activate operator profile listings from all Yarra Ranges Tourism’s managed sites should the partnership invoice not be settled by 31 December of the partnership financial year.

4. Commission
4.1 Commission is due on all bookings made through the Regional Booking Service whether the booking is made by phone, in person or online.
4.2 Commission is also due if the client chooses to deal directly with the Operator after seeking the assistance of the Regional Booking Service or pays the Operator direct.
4.3 Where a commission is outstanding from a booking, the Regional Booking Service will invoice the Operator for the amount owed to the Regional Booking Service or it may be deducted from a future payment.
4.4 Commission Rates
The following commission is payable on the relevant Operator system to all bookings made through, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page.

4.4.1 BookEasy

Rates or Fees (inclusive GST)
BookEasy 2% of total booking value
Yarra Ranges Tourism 9% of total booking value

Total Paid by Operator 11% of total booking value + 1.42% Credit Card Merchant Fee

4.5 Where an operator has not paid their partnership fees either in full or by arrangement within 6 months of the financial partnership year
(By 31 December of the partnership financial year), pro-rata partnership fees may be deducted from commission payable on bookings where future booking operator return is applicable and the profile de-activated in the meantime as referenced in clause 3.8
5. Pricing and tarrifs
5.1 Operators are responsible for setting rates well in advance – preferably at least two years.
5.2 Published rates must be honoured, include commission and all other applicable charges must be kept up to date. For example; single night surcharge, breakfast etc.
5.3 The Regional Booking Service will not be held responsible for incorrect rates.
5.4 The standard booking tariffs displayed to users on, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page must be as competitive as that offered on other online or offline channels (rate parity) for the same period. Rate parity ensures your integrity as well as maintaining a good working relationship with all your distribution channels.
5.5 If the Regional Booking Service becomes aware that a Partner is not providing the Regional Booking Service with “ fair competitive rates further to Clause 5.4 “ they may be sent a letter reminding them of these terms and conditions. Upon the third letter, the Partner may be given the option to suspend their subscription to the Booking service for three months and opt into marketing their property through various Yarra Ranges Tourism online webdeal options available at additional cost to participate.   If the Partner repeats considerable anti-competitive rates through Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Service, their subscription may not be renewed.
5.6 If the Regional Booking Service becomes aware that a Partner is not administering their content populating to the Regional Booking Service BookEasy updated rates, correct availability and presentation of product may be contacted to reminding them of these terms and conditions and offered additional assistance if required. Following three attempts to rectify partner supplied lacklustre product representation which is seen to affect the integrity of product Yarra Ranges Tourism is providing to the consumer, the partners product may be inactivated from showcasing on the visit sites until such time partners maintenance of product description/offerings are restored.



6. Bookings
6.1 The Operator authorises Yarra Ranges Tourism to take bookings for the Operator’s Product, on behalf of the Operator, through their websites, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page.
6.2 Where Yarra Ranges Tourism has taken a booking from a Customer, the Operator must not offer to provide that Customer with the Operator’s Product on terms and conditions (including as to price) which are more favourable than those offered to the Customer by, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page service on behalf of the Operator.
6.3 Operators are accountable for double bookings and these need to be resolved in an amicable and professional manner.
6.4 If an Operator is unable to honour a booking that has been confirmed and paid for by the client, the Operator must provide Product of a similar standard and quality acceptable to the Customer, or at the Customer’s election, promptly refund the moneys paid less the fees. This requirement is pursuant to the Trade Practices Act 1974.


7. Online Promotion
7.1 Operators are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to place a Yarra Ranges Tourism booking link, free of charge, to use on their business website to increase their online booking opportunities. The Direct Link option links from the Operator’s website to their booking areas on, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page. It allows customers to view the Operators’ rooms, availability, rates and to book and pay online through a secure payment gateway. Please note extra costs may be applicable if requiring the services of your Internet provider or designer to set up the link.
7.2 Standard commission and Merchant Fees will apply on bookings linked from the Operator’s website using the Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Link. Those Operators that take up the Yarra Ranges Tourism Booking Link option will also have a link provided from, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page to their own website.
7.3 Operator website address and phone numbers will not be immediately displayed on, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page.

Any direct operator phone numbers or operator's own websites added to description field content which is available to the consumer to view and which contravenes other linked centre policies and procedures, will be required to be deleted.
7.4 Accommodation Operators physical property address’ are to be correctly published for advertising the true location of the property to the consumer. Alternate address variations as displayed via the google maps feature must be facilitated with a suitable description advising of the difference on the, and Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Facebook page websites.


8. Cancellations and Refunds
8.1 Operators must publish their specific Cancellation Policy online. If a client chooses to cancel a confirmed booking after a payment has been received, the Operator’s cancellation policy is effective.


9. Client payments
9.1 Operators must honour all unpaid reserved bookings for a maximum of 24 hours to allow for payment by the client. If payment has not been received by the Booking Service, the reservation will be cancelled.
9.2 Bookings are deemed confirmed with payment.
9.3 The Regional Booking Service does not generally accept deposits. Deposits may be arranged for bookings taken several months in advance. The Regional Booking Service will contact the client one (1) month prior to their arrival to settle the balance payment.
9.5 Payment of Monies:
All monies processed via the Regional Booking Service will be held in trust with Yarra Ranges Tourism. Payments, less commission & fees (1.42% Merchant Fees (Mastercard and Visa) and Booking fee of $5.50 per booking) will be made directly to the Operators nominated account (EFT Funds Transfer) and within 14 days.
If there is a change to the nominated bank account, this must be conveyed in writing to the Regional Booking Service via


10. Bond (if applicable)
10.1 Is not processed or managed by the Regional Booking Service. Collection and returns are the responsibility of the Operator. Any damage caused to your property by clients is the responsibility of the Operator. Bond must be included in both the Operator’s property description as well as the terms and conditions.


11. Customer Enquiries and Complaints
The Operator must respond to any enquiry or complaint by a Customer, within 7 days of receipt.


12. Sale of Operator’s Business
If the Operator proposes to sell the whole of its business, or the assets used to run its business, or a controlling interest in the shares in its business, the Operator must give Yarra Ranges Tourism written notice at least 14 days before the proposed sale, and upon such notice this Agreement will terminate automatically.


13. Indemnity and Insurance
13.1 The Operator must indemnify Yarra Ranges Tourism, and hold Yarra Ranges Tourism harmless, from and against any claim, demand, cost, loss or expense whether for personal injury, loss of property, breech of agreement, misrepresentation, breech of statutory duty, or any other cause whatsoever, in relation to the provision, or failure to provide Product.
13.2 The Operator must take out and maintain during the term of this Agreement, a policy of public liability insurance with a reputable insurer, where the limits of such policy are consistent with industry practice.


14. Termination
14.1 Yarra Ranges Tourism may terminate this Agreement immediately by notice to the Operator:
14.1.1 If the Operator commits an act of bankruptcy or becomes subject to any form of insolvency administration;
14.1.2 If the Operator breeches this Agreement; or
14.1.3 If the Operator ceases to provide Product.


15. General
This Agreement cannot be varied except by a further written agreement signed by both parties.