Warburton Mountain Bike Destination
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The Warburton Mountain Bike Destination proposal aims to:

  • Construct a unique world-class mountain biking trail network with supporting infrastructure in the Yarra Valley with the base of the network located in Warburton
  • Offer diversity in mountain bike experiences
  • Cater for all abilities and disciples
  • Develop 62km – 97.5km of new mountain bike trails to create a total network of 106km - 146km of mountain bike trails
  • Regenerate Warburton, encourage new business, attract visitors and tourism activity



  • Attract 130,000 mountain bike visitors (120,000 day visitors and 10,000 overnight visitors)
  • Significant local economic benefits in local tourism and related service industries
  • Opportunities for the creation of bike related local businesses including mountain bike hire


Key Success Factors:

  • Tourism infrastructure
  • Self contained village atmosphere
  • Accessibility
  • Environment, scenery and topography
  • Positioning and marketing
  • Population


Visit the Yarra Ranges Council’s Project Page: https://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Lists/Capital-works-major-projects/Warburton-Mountain-Bike-Destination-Project