Yarra Valley Trail
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The Yarra Valley Trail aims to:

  • Create a safe, all ages accessibility spine, leading to a world class trails network
  • Significantly drive the Yarra Valley visitor economy
  • Deliver greater health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Provide ease of access for residents and visitors to enjoy our environment and commerce
  • Link into a broader trail network that will provide greater variety and access to new and existing local businesses and nature based tourism attractions


Proposed Trail Alignments:

  • Section 1 – Lilydale to Yarra Glen
  • Section 2 –Yarra Glen to Healesville
  • Section 3 – Healesville to Woori Yallock



  • In excess of 210,000 visits annually
  • Generate 222 jobs
  • Generate in excess of $30 million annually in economic benefit


Key Success Factors:

  • Population
  • Accessibility
  • Environment and Natural Beauty
  • Culture
  • Support services
  • Effective governance
  • Positioning and marketing


Visit the Yarra Ranges Council’s Project Page: https://www.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Lists/Capital-works-major-projects/Yarra-Valley-Trail-Project